Letter about Charles/Laurie

Dear Mr.Jackson,

My name is Shirley and I am Laurie’s mother. My son – Laurie  just started kindergarten so I really considered that the environment was suitable for him. I thought that kindergarten was too unsetting for Laurie. Everytimes, he came home he said about Charles boy who was toughness and said bao words. This boy sound like such a bad child. First school day, my son said Charles was fresh and the teacher spanked him. I was disappointed about shool education and environment. I thought the teacher would do something with him and make him to be a nice kid. If not, that boy would be a big problem for the school. After a few days, I continued hearring about what Charles’s bad influence. He created a physical violende to a little girl and make her bleed. It’s awful. Personally, I recommand that you should try to contact with his parent or move my boy to another class. I’m looking foward to hear your own opinion.