Skellig – David Almond

David Almond, who is a famous British author, has written several novels for children. These books are “Kit’s Wilderness”, “Heaven Eyes”, “Secret Heart” … “Skellig” is a famous novel which won the Whitbread Children’s Novel of the Year Award and also the Carnegie Medal. Skellig is a mystery, adventure and a family story so readers can learn about nature and poetry.

David Almond’s book Skellig is about a boy named Michael. The story starts when he moves to the Falconer road. Michael’s newborn baby sister is having difficulties and the whole family is stressing and trying to improve the house so the baby can have a better environment to live in. The dust is making it worse though and everyone is scared she may die. His mom and dad could think of nothing but the baby and Michael was left to his own devices. His parents warned him not to go into the rickety old garage left standing on the property, but Michael couldn’t resist exploring. Then one day he steps into the crumbling garage and finds a man in his new house’s garage. Michael is intrigued by this man and speaks to him. The man didn’t seem to be able to carry on a normal conversation and Michael wasn’t sure what to do, but he brought him food and tried to talk to him. He decided to take care of it by “27 and 53” and “aspirin”. Michael also made friends with Mina, the independent and free spirited girl who lived next door. Mina was different than anyone else that Michael had ever known and he wasn’t sure that was necessarily a good thing. But Michael needed to know that he wasn’t going crazy, so he showed the man to Mina. Between Mina and Michael, they were able to give Skellig, the strangely winged man, a new chance at life and to change their own lives forever.

“Skellig” was a famous novel of David Almond. The storyline was interesting, unique and his characters building were also very attractive. The style was familiar but with his talent, the readers were all attracted in the book and the settings expressed logically. Everyone at different ages should read this book.


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