Tradition Vs Technology

Nowadays, in this modern century, there is a major techological breakthrough, and it changes the lives of people around the world. Everything will be created, and showed on the Internet, or newpapers, or through the comunication,… that technology become popular and useful through the society, it means that is essential thing to develop and improve our countries.Beside that, people don’t care about their tradition, culture and the ritual ways of life, that they think it’s vain, useless,… Also, I don’t agree with the statement, that people should develop themselves with the culture, which is kept and retained day by day.

First, losing the ritual and traditional skills of life is the same as losing our origin and the unique of our traditions. The lives of people always depend on the techonological things, that affects a lot the thinking of people about the tradition or the culture. They become up to date in order to follow the  swanky life of foreign countries to prove that they are modern people. However, they don’t think about the bad consequences they will receive. About the traditional festival, some want to change to become a western festival, also it make the bad effects for someone who live far away from their families, in the remote regions, that they want to come in for the festival of fatherland, but it’s impossible. Another side, about people career, they just prefer the technology things so they may choose IT, designer, computer programmer,… People in modern life are now may losing their origin because of that reason. Even though ministry of education forced every school to teach history and literature in every school even international school, the students don’t mind about it. They think that subject is useless which cannot help everything in their career path. It’s an alert problem we have to fix and warn it carefully.

As a whole, I don’t agree about this statement, that people develop with the technological lives, but should follow the traditional ways, and always remembered about our origin which is the best thing to proud of.


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