richer nations and poorer nations

Around the world, the poorer nations have big problems about health, education and trade so they try to develop these areas with the helps. It may from the richer nations and United Nations Organizations. However, some countries aren’t going to help them because of some reasons.

 Poor health, lack of education and less income are the three main reasons why underdeveloped countries are left in suffering. Education would be universal and publicly financed and all children would be able to attend school. Education able children literacy and get the bright future. However, in the poorer nations, the main obstacles are equity to resources, quality of education and obstruction of parents’ ability or willingness to pay. It is totally same in health because they can’t access to medical supply vaccines, hospitals and free health care. This means that millions of children and hundreds of thousands of pregnant women are still dying every year worldwide. Trade is the only way help poorer nations by economy, export and import but they don’t have enough power and resources to do it alone. Therefore, the governments of richer nations should take more responsibility for helping the poorer nations in such areas. In the education, they may open more school where teach children free and give children the best quality for studying. In additions, the health is also important so they need to open more hospital where have free health care and medicines. Therefore, the percent of dying people increase so they can produce things to improve their life also their country economic. Other nations buy it with low tax for getting them out of problems. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that give them everything they need because they would become dependent. Richer nations just teach the poorer nation how to use the resources that they have then they can weenie them to become self supportive and have less or no dependence on the other.

 Overall, I think the most important thing is the richer nations should help the poorer nations as supporter. It is the best way to get them out the problems.   


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