Tradition Vs Technology

Nowadays, in this modern century, there is a major techological breakthrough, and it changes the lives of people around the world. Everything will be created, and showed on the Internet, or newpapers, or through the comunication,… that technology become popular and useful through the society, it means that is essential thing to develop and improve our countries.Beside that, people don’t care about their tradition, culture and the ritual ways of life, that they think it’s vain, useless,… Also, I don’t agree with the statement, that people should develop themselves with the culture, which is kept and retained day by day.

First, losing the ritual and traditional skills of life is the same as losing our origin and the unique of our traditions. The lives of people always depend on the techonological things, that affects a lot the thinking of people about the tradition or the culture. They become up to date in order to follow the  swanky life of foreign countries to prove that they are modern people. However, they don’t think about the bad consequences they will receive. About the traditional festival, some want to change to become a western festival, also it make the bad effects for someone who live far away from their families, in the remote regions, that they want to come in for the festival of fatherland, but it’s impossible. Another side, about people career, they just prefer the technology things so they may choose IT, designer, computer programmer,… People in modern life are now may losing their origin because of that reason. Even though ministry of education forced every school to teach history and literature in every school even international school, the students don’t mind about it. They think that subject is useless which cannot help everything in their career path. It’s an alert problem we have to fix and warn it carefully.

As a whole, I don’t agree about this statement, that people develop with the technological lives, but should follow the traditional ways, and always remembered about our origin which is the best thing to proud of.


richer nations and poorer nations

Around the world, the poorer nations have big problems about health, education and trade so they try to develop these areas with the helps. It may from the richer nations and United Nations Organizations. However, some countries aren’t going to help them because of some reasons.

 Poor health, lack of education and less income are the three main reasons why underdeveloped countries are left in suffering. Education would be universal and publicly financed and all children would be able to attend school. Education able children literacy and get the bright future. However, in the poorer nations, the main obstacles are equity to resources, quality of education and obstruction of parents’ ability or willingness to pay. It is totally same in health because they can’t access to medical supply vaccines, hospitals and free health care. This means that millions of children and hundreds of thousands of pregnant women are still dying every year worldwide. Trade is the only way help poorer nations by economy, export and import but they don’t have enough power and resources to do it alone. Therefore, the governments of richer nations should take more responsibility for helping the poorer nations in such areas. In the education, they may open more school where teach children free and give children the best quality for studying. In additions, the health is also important so they need to open more hospital where have free health care and medicines. Therefore, the percent of dying people increase so they can produce things to improve their life also their country economic. Other nations buy it with low tax for getting them out of problems. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that give them everything they need because they would become dependent. Richer nations just teach the poorer nation how to use the resources that they have then they can weenie them to become self supportive and have less or no dependence on the other.

 Overall, I think the most important thing is the richer nations should help the poorer nations as supporter. It is the best way to get them out the problems.   

The Graveyard

Name: Pham Nguyen Lam Ngoc – Class: 10 O

“Whenever someone asks if you believe in ghosts, you need to say no. Never get of problems with ghost because ghosts weren’t polite. They don’t care whatever you do and they care to tear your life up”

In the late afternoon under a blustery October sky, Josie and Christine – her mother arrived at the graveyard. That day was the anniversary of Josie’s father death so they went there to clean and to decorate the grave. It had been 3 years since the car accident that had took Josie’s father forever from his happy family. Christine was wearing a black dress which is the gift from her husband and Josie was same. Partnered by a cool wind, autumn leaves danced a ballet under billowing dark clouds and a little rain.

After parking the car, they went deeply and through many graves to Josie’s father grave. The graveyard was draped in an eerie stillness like while we were in the haunted houses. Every times, while Josie went to visit her father, she scared of graves. She had a dream that she went to a cemetery to look for authentic material for her project. She was there; shooting many photographs and to discover the headstones. She walked through the graves soaking up memories of the dead and tried to take some photograph with her camera in a great place with a mist. Suddenly, a rain threatened to soak her at moment. It sprinkled intermittently the whole time she was there. Although, the car was nearby, she also wore a raincoat so she could run into the car. She couldn’t move because her legs stuck by something. She looked down and realized that this was a bunch of bones. She was confronted by the most terrifying things which she had ever seen. She tried to pick her legs out and run as fast as she could. Behind her, there were skeletons chased however, she fail down because of the skull was hiding in the mud. These skeletons came and they used their hand to oppress her ruthlessly. Suddenly, she heard strange voice and she woke up. She realized that was a dream. Her face was damp with sweat and that dream had been going on repetitively for many years. It was strange that after her father’s death, she always had nightmares. After the walk for about 15 minutes from the gate, finally they stood in front of the father’s grave. The grave was covered by grasses and trees. Josie’s responsibility was cutting and cleaning up all these things. While she was doing her job, Christine took out fruits and flowers out to worship her husband’s soul. Everything was finished so they came back to the gate. On the way back, Josie got a serious phone call so she said with Christine that she went out first and repair the car. And then she walked as quickly as she could to the car packing but she always made sure that her mother went behind. The day was getting a little darker. The weather was also different such as the mist was appeared and got thicker every minute. Now, it was really thick and they couldn’t see anything. Josie tried to go through it but she realized that she was lost. She didn’t see her mother so she screamed.

“Mom, where are you? Please, answer me.”

She ran around to find the way to the parking but she couldn’t. It was evening now and everything was totally dark. Josie was scared and her nightmare appeared again in her mind. She was terrified; the rain began as a light sprinkle. The sprinkle of rain intensified and the grass grew wet under Josie’s feet. The crow cawed laughingly in the trees and the smell of mold became heavier and more intense. Josie ran off without turning her head as if in flight. She ran with the hope that someone came to recued her and fortunately, she saw a small church. She was only 70 feet from the church. She ran really fast but she slipped on the slick grass, flying headlong into a monument and striking her head on the stone. The crow cawed one last time and the drizzle of rain became a torrent. Joseph lay on the grass, unconscious and bleeding. However, she tried to get up and run but she fell again by a bunch of bone. She was out of hopeless so she let things run out. She laid there for about 10 minutes then she felt something cold and smooth slide over her feet. She stayed still and slowly looked down at her feet. Because of the darkness, she couldn’t know what it was. She felt something slowly slithering over her toes so she guessed it was a snack. Using all of the brave she took a stone and to strike it dead. She felt terrible and afraid so her heart beat very fast. Finally, she was in the church by using all her left power. She laid there and hoped that someone will see her.

After losing her daughter, Christine called the police to get helps. The police tried their best and found Josie was 120 feet far away from her father’s grave 2 days later. Taking about 3-4 days later, Josie resuscitated and sat upright in her hospital bed, head wrapped in a turban of bandages. Josie told everything for her mom and she had no intention of ever going back to graveyard alone.