I used to have a nightmare which was a scary dream with me. It happened a long time ago since I was a child. I was dreaming that my family was in the holidays and we stayed at a small house near the beach. It had with many beds and another room for eating and cooking. I spent all day outside and played with my younger brother in the water. My mother made a picnic dinner. While she was making dinner, I was playing barefoot in the yard with my toys. Even now I still remembered the perfume of the flowers and the moisture of the grass. While I was sitting on the grass and playing with a truck, I looked up at sky and my attention was distracted by the beauty of the clouds. Then I felt something cold and smooth slide over my feet. I stayed perfectly still, but I looked down at my feet. Then I saw a snake slowly slithering over my toes. The snake which had a black skin was really long and big. I felt terrible and afraid, so my heart beat very fast. After the snake moved away, I screamed to my parents for help, and they captured the snake and took it away. They tried to calm me down and we sat on the sand to eat. After that, we went to the forest and had one night camp there. That night, we stayed together around the fire but I wasn’t there with them. I felt boring so I went deeply in the forest with the hope that I could discover something. Unfortunately, I lost and the weather started raining. A rain is like pure acid. Acid that can kill mercilessly. A little girl of no more than five years of age is with me. She has platinum blond hair and strange glowing blue eyes. I do not know her name nor have I ever seen her before now, but I am trying to help her. She is so small and innocent. We are running endlessly over the decaying corpses. The little girl then trips and the force of the fall rip her hand away from mine. I want to stop to help her, but the acid rain, it’s so close! There is nothing to be done but hope her death is a quick one. Unfortunately, it is not! I turn and call to her to keep moving! “Run! Crawl if you have to! Get out of the rain!” Too late… I know I should run, but I can’t! I’m frozen! Her screaming is so harrowing and terrible! No one should ever have to suffer like that. I watch in horror as the bubbling acid eats relentlessly through her soft young flesh, blood pouring down her arms like a red waterfall. I watch until her bones crumple and are finally gone all together. The black cloud approaches and I turn to flee. “That fate will not befall me!” My body aches as I run… “How long have I been running? Where am I going? I don’t know, but I hope I get there fast!” because of tired, I fell into mud. The situation was hopeless; I cried and screamed for help. That’s about it. However, the nightmare ends differently every time I have it and it never finishes completely.


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