What moves you ^^!

Everyone always change their character to adapt the new environment like be in the new school, company or place. Therefore, they needs some advises from people close to them such as family, friends and older people. Advices help them can move on in their life. Personally, I have received counsel from many people around me and the counsel makes me to move on.

2-3 years ago, I used to be a naughty and stubborn girl. I felt really lazy and always wanted to go out with my friends. Therefore, I didn’t study as much as my best and the teacher asked my parent for seeing them about my learning. I had hard argument with them about that and they were disappointed about me. In my heart, I didn’t want to hurt them so I studied harder. However, it was just enough for putting me in the top 10 in class. In the class, I and my friends made naughty action to stop the lesson so my parent always had called from school to make a meeting about my behaviour. After that, I had arguments and they didn’t allow me to go out until I was obedient. Nothing could stop me to do what I liked so I said:” I wanted to go out with friends and I made sure my scores will be best. They said:” We didn’t care about what you had done; we wanted you past High school entrance exam and proved with us that we could believe in your promises”. However, I failed the exam so I felt ashamed and repent of one’s haste with them. I said sorry and hoped they will accept but they were really disappointed over 1-2 weeks. To correct the fault, I start studying harder to past in another school which my parent had chosen. At this time, I pasted and realized that I made my parent sad so now I will make them be proud of me. In the new school, I realized more things and it made me have to get the best score. Now, I am not naughty and stubborn girl anymore and I want to study to be achievement in life. It’s only to make my parent proud of me.


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