Looking for Alibrandi shows us that teen years are the time of change

“Looking for Alibrandi” shows us that teen years are the time of change. Throughout the growing process, Josie changes her opinions, relationships about herself and the others. Therefore, she also discovers multiple things other than herself so its helps Josie to be out off her shell and gains a lot of important lesson from people around her.

In “Looking for Alibrandi”, Josephine’s opinions changes through experiences such as where she says:” The rituals of having to see my grandmother every afternoon drives me absolutely insane”, “The next minute we’ll be screeching at each of her “, “I was loved by two of the strongest women I would ever meet in my lifetime”. This shows that Josie changes her perspective of her grandma and mother. At first, she doesn’t like them to interact with her life but after a lot of things happen, she realizes they sacrifice their lives for her life “I was responsible for them. I was wrong in what I did yesterday”. It shows that Josie changes her idea about responsibility for the children. Josie thinks it was wrong but not necessary in the first place. However, she changes her thought after seeing the result and Josie realizes her actions are wrong and regrets it “She called me a wog. It made me feel pathetic”; “I’m an Australian with Italian blood flowing rapidly through my vein. I’ll say that with pride” These statements clearly show that Josie changes her ideas about her cultures and nationality. She hates being called a wog and doesn’t accept it. Josie beats Ivy for calling her a wog but then she changes her perspectives. Josie is even proud to say her nationality out loud if anyone asks her. Josephine is the teenager year; she has to go through much different kind of relationships. “I don’t want you anywhere near us, especially my mother”;” we’re only been to get him for a short time, but I feel as if I’ve known him for years”. Josie’s relationships with her father changes entirely from the beginning to the end. From the start, she doesn’t want him to be near her family but at last she realizes she needs a father in her life. “I’m immature and vain about my brain but you can’t imagine how wonderful it is to beat poison Ivy”; “we bump into each other one day, let’s have a cappuccino and talk”. It shows that Josie’s relationship with Ivy has changed permanently through times. Firstly, Josie and Ivy were enemies because of their arguments and hatred of each other, their immature mind. As they grew up, Josie realizes their childish and immature so Josie and Ivy are friends after the death of John Barton that brings them together, “I do believe in my heart that one day I’ll be with Jacob Coote again”, Jacob’s the one who Josie hates when she was a child but through many unexpected things happens. They become closer and date each other. The quotation shows her relationships with Jacob have changed from the beginning to the end. It shows that she wants to be with him again even they broke up.


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