In my opinion, I agree with the idea “from the moment of birth the individual future is already mapped out”. Everyone was born in different family so they have different characters and appearances. When the person was born, it also means the earth received one new soul. People who was born in rich families, was lucky. Therefore, they will have enough good conditions to study so they will have a perfect life in the future. In the other side of life, there are unfortunates who were unwanted children or the handicapped. However, they were born in poor families but their destinations were different. These people just like Bill Gates, Mukkesj Ambani and Beethoven. That is the first reason which I can explain my opinion. We are in the 21st century, in the times of education and enlightenment where a large proportion of the planet’s population will control their life by different ways but they still consult their horoscope before deciding on what course of action to take. Especially with business person, they always ask cartomancer for advices. These advices are helping them with the business. Everyone was born under the sign of an animal in Chinese zodiac and it means they have their destinations. Each animal in the Chinese zodiac has different character and destination. By personal experience, my zodiac sign is dog so my character is kind, funny, faithful and successful people. Nowadays, the most teenagers and adult very believe in horoscope which was similar as the Chinese zodiac. They see the horoscope in per week to know what happen with them in the following week. The horoscope is useful because it helps people to know their future. Therefore, they can change something unlucky and get better life. Finally, more people believe in the idea “from the moment of birth the individual future is already mapped out”.


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