In my opinion, I agree with the idea “from the moment of birth the individual future is already mapped out”. Everyone was born in different family so they have different characters and appearances. When the person was born, it also means the earth received one new soul. People who was born in rich families, was lucky. Therefore, they will have enough good conditions to study so they will have a perfect life in the future. In the other side of life, there are unfortunates who were unwanted children or the handicapped. However, they were born in poor families but their destinations were different. These people just like Bill Gates, Mukkesj Ambani and Beethoven. That is the first reason which I can explain my opinion. We are in the 21st century, in the times of education and enlightenment where a large proportion of the planet’s population will control their life by different ways but they still consult their horoscope before deciding on what course of action to take. Especially with business person, they always ask cartomancer for advices. These advices are helping them with the business. Everyone was born under the sign of an animal in Chinese zodiac and it means they have their destinations. Each animal in the Chinese zodiac has different character and destination. By personal experience, my zodiac sign is dog so my character is kind, funny, faithful and successful people. Nowadays, the most teenagers and adult very believe in horoscope which was similar as the Chinese zodiac. They see the horoscope in per week to know what happen with them in the following week. The horoscope is useful because it helps people to know their future. Therefore, they can change something unlucky and get better life. Finally, more people believe in the idea “from the moment of birth the individual future is already mapped out”.


Chinese Cinderella

1. What clues did the author give you to help you predict what was going to happen?

  • The clue which the author gives me to help me predict what was going to happen was the first page of novel and the sentences “Aunt Baba and mama ….you are bad luck”

2. Would you like to acquire a personality trait of a particular character in this book? What is the trait and why would you like it?

  • I like to acquire a personality trait of Adeline in this book. I think Adeline was smartness and poor girl and she was abandonment from home to school. However, she had tried her best and proved with everyone that she wasn’t unwanted daughter.

3. Is the setting important to your book? Why or why not?

  • In my opinion, I think the setting is important to the book because through it I can define each character’s personality. In addition, I know more about their family, society and something else. The setting also give the readers information about the book background of where the story toke place and guess what is going next.

4. What do you know now that you didn’t know before you read this book?

  • Empathy, belief and grave were the thing that I know now and I didn’t know before I read this book.

5. How has your thinking changed after reading this book?

  • My thinking changed after reading this book that in somewhere there was unwanted children who wasn’t lucky as much as me. Therefore, I have respected everything I have now.

6. What questions about this book would you like answered?

  • The questions about this book would I like answered was “why did Niang want to separate her husband’s children?”

7. Would you like to read more books by this author? Why or why not?

  • I like to read more books by this author because her written way was impressed me and made feel think about a lot of theories.

8. What character do you like best in this book? Why?

  • The character I like best in this book was YeYe because he was the only person in the family who wasn’t abandonment his daughter and very kind with her.

9. What character do you like least in this book? Why?

  • The character I like least in this book was Big Sister because she was Adeline’s sister but she never care about her or be nice with her. She was in the same side with Niang.

10.How does the author create suspense? Why do you want to keep reading?

  • The author create suspense by writing opening ending and it make me want to keep reading to know after Adeline study in the university will her life be success.

11.If you could change the ending of this book, what would you change? Why?

  • If I could change or remove anything in this unit, it would be about Adeline’s mother. I will make her still alive but Adeline’s father still married Niang. I change the plot because I want Adeline to be motherless. Mother is the person who really mean full with young children. Therefore Adeline won’t be abandonment by everyone and blame for mother death.

12.Did the book end the way you thought it would? Why or why not?

  • The way the book end same as I thought it would because everyone has their destination and by the hard working Adeline changed her life.

13.Which character changed the most in this book? Explain.

  • The character changed the most in this book was Adeline. From unwanted daughter, she changed to grave and success women.

14.Did any characters make poor decisions? Who and what were they?

  • Adeline’s father made the poor decision by listening everything Niang said. When Adeline was sent to the boarding school, her father forget and abandonment her.

15.Who is the main character in this book? What is he/she like?

  • The man character in this book is Adeline and she like Mulan who is intelligent girl and brave. Since she was in primary school, she always got a prize or highest result. Therefore some people were jealously at her.

16.What character would you like to be in this book? Why?

  • The character I would like to be in this book was Aunt baba because she was the only person stay in the middle and can give advices to everyone.

17.What confused you in this book? Explain.

  • The thing that I confused in this book was the relationship between Adeline’s father and her. They were family but he treats her as a stranger.

18.If you could introduce a character from your book to your family, who would it be and why?

  • I think the character will be Adeline who was destination like Mulan and Cinderella. I am very glad to introduce her book with my family.

19.Describe the cover of your book. Why do you think the author or publisher chose this particular cover?

  • The author put her photograph in cover of the novel to insist that this novel is buildungroman. The cover has some words in Chinese to help readers know where it happens.

20.What is the main problem faced by characters in this book? How do they solve it?

  • The main problem the characters faced in this book was herself. She feels abandonment and lonely but she tried to adapt with her family. Finally, she was success.

21.What questions would you like to ask the author of your book? Why?

  • The question I would like to ask the author of this novel is after you success how about the relationship with your family. I wanted to know because her family used to said she was unwanted daughter and bad luck

22.Did you disagree with anyone’s actions/choices? Who and why?

  • I disagree with Niang’s action because she was cruel with her kid. They didn’t understand anything but she always blamed and punished them

23.Is there a theme or “big idea” in this book that is appealing to you? Describe it.

  • The theme is appealing me because I thought women is weak in Chinese because they was discrimination. However, I had changed my mind and they are brave, smart.

24.Can you think of any advice that you would like to give to one of the characters? What is that advice and why do they need it?

  • I want to give advice to Niang that “you need to think more about your behave with your children. They are just the kid and they didn’t do anything wrong so why you blamed and treat them harshly.

25.What is something that you hate about this novel? Why?

  • The thing that I hate about this novel is the written so small. It makes me dizzy when read it for a long times.

26.What is something you really love about this novel? Why?

  • The thing I love about this novel is the photograph of all character which the author including in book. It made me more interesting and knows the appearance of all characters.

27.What in this novel amused you or made you laugh? Why?

  • This novel made me laugh because all the treating of everyone to Adeline. They actions like the kid.

28.What in this novel made you cry? Why?

  • I didn’t cry when I read this novel. However, it made me think a lot about the relationship between people in the family and the courage of unwanted children.

29.What in this novel touched you deeply? Why?

  • In this novel the thing that touched me deeply is the character emotional system. All the emotions related and developed each other to make readers to think about characters emotions and the message they revealed to readers in each chapter.

30.Would you recommend this novel to a friend? Why? Why not?

  • I would recommend this novel to my friends because this is great novel. It help readers to know more the life.

31.What did you learn about the study of English during this novel study?

  • I learn about the relationship in the family and the courage of poor children who want to change their life.