Discovery and Chinese Cinderella



1. _ Discovery means to find out or ascertaining something previously unknown or unrecognized.

_ Discovery means to break out a secret or something.

_ Discovery can be something like UFO or strange things.

2. I discovered that I don’t care about my family very much because I have spent a lots time for studying on the IELTS test or hanging out with friends. About studying, I want to pass on the IELTS for going abroad but my English is bad so I need to practice more and more to improve it. I do it in many ways like: to try read book in English, to do a lot of IELTS test in the internet and to join a class which could help me in IELTS test. That is all my timetables from Monday to Friday and in the weekend, I always hang out with my old friends. This is the way I relax after a week for working hardly and I feel comfortable. But one days, when my mother took me to school, she said “you try for studying hardly that really well but I disagree with you spent too much time with friends”. I thought about it for 3 days and I have changed myself. Now, I don’t hang out with friends anymore and I spent my free times with family like hang out for dinner, to help mom with teaching my younger brother and to make breakfast for my family.

3. When I read books, I have learn important things in there. That makes me have to change my mind about my life and myself. The book likes lesson people could learn that lesson through the small story. The book was my fifteen birthday’s present from my mother. I have to thanks her about letting me know more and more things outside my life.

4. The interview for foreigners:

  • How long have you been in Vietnam?
  • What are the impressive things in your mind about my country?
  • Before you came to Vietnam, what did you think about the people and environment?
  • And now, what do you think about Vietnam?

5. Today, teenagers aren’t same in the past anymore. They can do everything alone without helping from parent like they can rent house and live there without family, they can earn money for helping their family’s economy and they can travel alone. They are confident and active and they always want to be the best person and middle of people attention. Besides, some teenagers like to be alone because they have some personal reason or to shy with everyone.

Chinese Cinderella

1. 3 things you would never say to your kids when and if you become their parent are:

  • Never bounce out before them because they will bounce out with their friends or their teachers. It is bad for their characters
  • Never say you are the most stupid or smart kid that I ever seen because it will make the children be shy or be self-important. That makes children be lazy and don’t want study anymore.
  • Never tell lies with them. The children will learn that very quickly and they become a bad person.

2. The best thing to be male is you can be middle of people attention if you handsome, talent and powerful. The worst thing to be male is you have to be the best person to get girl attention and you can’t be weak like can’t cry because people will think you are gay.

3. The best things to be female that you can be weak to have a help from man and be middle of people attention if you are pretty. The worst thing to be female is you have period and weak when you play sport or other hard games.

4. There is big difference between them because you hate someone; there is a possibility that you will love that person. Besides, when you love that person, there isn’t chance what you will hate your lover.


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